Billing Policy

Gastroenterology North Queensland offers high quality gastroenterology services, with minimal out-of-pocket expenses.


We have a no-gap arrangement with all the major health funds. This means we bill your fund directly for the procedure, leaving no additional costs for you to pay. Most of the anaesthetists we use also operate a no-gap policy. We encourage you to talk with them directly and can provide you with contact details. Standard bowel preparation for your procedure will be provided at no cost.

In-patient consultation

We choose to run this service under a no-gap fee policy.

Out-patient services

Out-patient services are not covered by private health insurance.
We use Medicare consultation item numbers for billing. You can claim approximately 85% of the fee from Medicare. We do offer bulk billing for a number of services. These include children, pensioners, those who make frequent attendance due to a chronic gastroenterological disease and those who are visiting for results post-procedure. Capsule endoscopy services are also bulk billed. Current MBS fees are available at the practice or from Medicare website.

Non-insured patients

Are welcome to the practice. Medicare will cover a proportion of the procedure fee (approx. 75%) but hospital bed fees are not rebatable. Please discuss these costs with our staff.


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