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Appointment for consultation (an appointment to see the doctor in the rooms) or procedure can be made by contacting our friendly reception staff.

For either a consultation or procedure you will need an up to date referral from either your GP or another specialist.

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If you have been referred for a consultation or wish to see the doctor before a procedure, you will be given an appointment time to attend the rooms of Gastroenterology North Queensland. The address is Suite 1, Park Street Medical Suites, 62 Park Street, Pimlico QLD 4812.

Consultation times are 30 minutes for a new patient and 15 minutes for a review patient. Please make the reception staff aware if you think you will require a longer time. At times it may be necessary for a patient to have a long consultation, you will be advised if this is the case.

The practice aims to run to time, so please assist us by arriving early for your first appointment, as you will need to complete some paperwork on your first visit.

Please bring a list of current medications including over-the-counter and herbal therapies.

Parking for patients attending the consulting rooms is available at the rear of the building.


Your doctor can refer you directly for a procedure. Referrals can be faxed, emailed, posted, hand-delivered or via Healthlink.

We perform procedures in the endoscopy suite in The Mater Hospital - just across the road from our Gastroenterology North Queensland consulting rooms.

If you have been referred for a procedure, our reception staff will advise you about what needs to be done to get ready for the procedure. This differs depending on what procedure you are due to have as well as other factors such as your general health, the medicines you are on and your age. If you have been referred for an ERCP the doctor will usually wish to see you before to the procedure. If you are having a colonoscopy and are over the age of 78 or have any significant other health concerns, in most instances the doctor will arrange an appointment in the rooms before the procedure. If for any reason, you would like to be seen by the doctor before the day of your procedure, please inform our reception staff who will be happy to organise this.

We are committed to cost-effective medical care and follow a no-gap policy with all the major health funds. This means that out of pocket costs are usually restricted to the excess on your private health insurance. Most of the anaesthetists we use also operate a no-gap policy. We encourage you to talk with them directly and can provide you with their contact details.

Preparation for procedures is described on the information sheets and standard preparation for colonoscopy is provided in the rooms at no cost.

Un-insured patients are welcome to have their procedures performed by Gastroenterology North Queensland. A significant proportion of the doctor's fees will be reimbursed via Medicare, however, the hospital admission fees are non-rebatable. Please contact the rooms for advice on the cost.



Suite 1, Park Street Medical Suites
62 Park Street, Pimlico QLD 4812
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