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    Dr Christine Welch

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    Suite 1, 62 Park Street, Pimlico, QLD, 4812

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    Dr Christine Welch

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    GastroNQ Consulting Rooms

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Dr Christine Welch


Christine completed pre-clinical medical training in St Andrews University in Scotland, her clinical training at Manchester University, England and her Specialist training in Gastroenterology and General Medicine within the Liverpool Deanery, England.

A member of GESA - Gastroenterological Society of Australia

Get directions to Consulting Rooms, Suite 1, Park Street Medical Suites

Get directions to Endoscopy Suite, Fulham Road, Mater Hospital


Suite 1, Park Street Medical Suites
62 Park Street, Pimlico QLD 4812
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Phone: (07) 4728 1740
Fax: (07) 4728 2670

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